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May Sales Event on Paper Shredders!
May Sales Event Center

Paper Shredders discounted entire Month of May!

May Sales Event!

Let the discount shredder experts give the great advice, fast shipment, and customer support that is the best!

When you are ready to buy, talk to Gil at 800.203.0233 for the very best price! To save money, call Gil last!

 Identity Theft Protection Shredders On Sale!

Small Office Stripcut Paper Shredders 

Americans bought nearly 8 million discount paper shredders in 2002. Hsm crosscut discount paper shredder has no sales tax when sold outside the state of Texas

Compact and powerful, with whisper quiet operation. A large range of features makes them very easy to use. 



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Home Crosscut Paper Shredders
Ideal for use in the small office or department (3-4 users), the 1000 discount series solid steel cabinet is the perfect paper shredder.

* Ideal shredder for the home

* Beautiful, quiet, tough, and reliable

* To help our customers who are looking for an inexpensive solution to protect identity theft, we are offering these beautiful Destroyit Personal Shredders at a discount price.  


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Large Department Strip Cut Paper Shredders

Lowest discount paper shredders on the internet!

* Elegant Design - Very professional!

* Auto On/Off, Auto Reverse, Bag Full Indicator, Continous

* Shred Size 1/4''

* Shred Up to 30 Sheets

* HIPAA Compliant

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 May Event Month of Sales!

We're gearing for a new month and slashing prices on all home paper shredders, office shred machines, and cross cut shredders!


Our sales staff provides excellent customer support and consultation on all of our products.




April 2005 Newsletter - Tax Time Tips 

March 2005 Newsletter - 10 Ways to Stop Identity Theft

February 2005 Newsletter - ID Theft - History Article

January 2005 Newletter - Document Shredder fights Identity Theft

December 2004 Newsletter - Holiday Shoppers Household Shredders

Each month, we will bring to you recent industry newsletters about protecting one's identity, new products information, and guidance for searching for the best paper shredding machine at the lowest price.










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GSA & Military Sale 

Eyes Only  EYES ONLY - GSA Specials for Military and Government Agencies
Top 10 Bestsellers
1. Destroyit 2400 CrossCut Shredders  * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
2. Destroyit 4002 CrossCut Shredders * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
3. Intimus 302 StripCut Shredders * JUST REDUCED $645.00
4. Destroyit 4004 CrossCut Shredders * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
5. Destroyit 2602 StripCut Shredders * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
6. Destroyit 4002 StripCut Shredders * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
7. HSM 390.2 StripCut Shredders * BEST VALUE $1,397.00
8. Destroyit 2400 StripCut Shredders * CALL US FOR HOT PRICE!
9. Pacmaster S Corrugated Shredders
10. HSM 125.2 CrossCut Shredders
Home Shredders
1. Destroyit 2230 StripCut Shredders  $259.78
2. Destroyit 2400 CrossCut Shredders CALL US FOR BEST PRICE!
3. Dahle 20092 CrossCut Shredders $264.00
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Service All Over the US

Major Cities include: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Portland, Washington, Miami, Las Vegas, Fresno, Minneapolis, Wichita, and Tuscan.

ID Theft Shredders Sales 
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